Isang Bata, Isang Tasa

Raising healthy and intelligent
pre-schoolers one cup at a time

Raising healthy and intelligent pre-schoolers one cup at a time

When I started the #IsangBataIsangTasa movement, I only wanted to thank God for another year—sharing food with my immediate community as part of my birthday celebration and with other family members who also celebrate their birthdays in January. This act of kindness has become a cherished tradition that brings us together. And allows us to give back to the community while celebrating our blessings. Each year, it serves as a reminder of the importance of gratitude, generosity, and coming together as a community to make a positive impact.

In the years that passed, our reach expanded significantly as we forged collaborations with various disability organizations in the upper villages of San Pedro Laguna and other provinces. With civic organizations like #CPCares, #MedicardFoundation, my rotary family #RotaryClubOfMetroSanPedro, and with various friends, families, benefactors, and donors. Through these partnerships, we were able to extend our impact to several communities, positively influencing the lives of children we encounter. This growth in our network and outreach has allowed us to understand these communities’ diverse needs better and tailor our initiatives to address them effectively.

But we feel that we need to do more…

My good friend Ivory holds the fort while I am away working. She’s the one who helped expand the reach of IBIT and keeps me on my toes, thinking about what else we can do for the families and children in San Pedro. Due to our deep involvement in disability issues, we naturally transitioned to extending support to more children with chronic disabilities through nutritional assistance and suitable technology for feeding. This impactful endeavor has allowed us to significantly improve these children’s and their families’ lives, aiming to enhance their quality of life and provide essential support for their well-being.

While we recognize the challenges ahead, IBIT has expanded beyond its original mission, and there’s no turning back. Our friends, families, and partners have shown a strong willingness to continue our work, and we are committed to creating something meaningful. The support and dedication of those around us genuinely inspire us, reinforcing our determination to move forward. The road ahead may be challenging, but with the unwavering support of our network, we are confident that we can overcome the obstacles and achieve our shared objectives.

Dedicating oneself to giving back to the community is a noble and impactful endeavor.

Establishing a local organization focused on children and their families can serve as a powerful means of supporting and uplifting the community. By offering access to vital information on health and nutrition, this organization can act as a lifeline for ensuring that children receive a good education.

The Isang Bata Isang Tasa organization is undergoing a transformative shift, emphasizing the education of young women and parents regarding the paramount significance of nurturing care right from the earliest stages. Early Childhood Development is a fundamental undertaking that commences when a decision is made to conceive, give birth, and raise a child. This pivotal shift underscores the organization’s commitment to equipping individuals with the knowledge and resources essential for fostering optimal development in the formative years of childhood.

At the same time, it is crucial to facilitate access to a wide range of services and support aimed at children who are at risk of experiencing developmental delays and disabilities. This includes providing essential knowledge and skills regarding the significance of early identification and intervention and promoting play as a valuable form of stimulation. Additionally, it is necessary to empower parents by enhancing their capacity to be responsive to the diverse needs of all children. These efforts contribute to the children’s well-being and foster a more inclusive and supportive family environment.

We cannot do it without you …

The aspiration to continue supporting IBIT as we steadily advance towards fostering a sense of community for all is a crucial and noteworthy endeavor.

Building and sustaining a cohesive community is a multi-faceted journey that demands unwavering commitment and the nurturing of inclusive spaces. It involves acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of voices and experiences while fostering an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and heard.

This ongoing commitment to IBIT is instrumental in laying the groundwork for a thriving, interconnected community where collective well-being and collaboration are prioritized.

If you want to know more about IBIT activities, send us an email at or through WhatsApp and Viber +63 962 7130031 and +63 916 2452650

~ dee end ~

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