Isang Bata, Isang Tasa

Raising healthy and intelligent
pre-schoolers one cup at a time

Raising healthy and intelligent pre-schoolers one cup at a time

Empowering Change: Uniting for the Aeta Community

It talks about an event happening in February to help the Aeta community in Barangay San Clemente and Mayantoc in Tarlac province. The event includes giving things like slippers, clothes, toys, hygiene kits, and kitchen condiments. It also highlights how working together and being generous can make a good difference for the Aeta community. The audience is asked to help by giving donations or by contributing in any way they can.

Founding a Local Non-Governmental Organization in the Philippines: A Journey of Community Building

An Image of IBIT Founder Dhidhak with Ivy and Rose

The Isang Bata Isang Tasa movement began with a desire to express gratitude and share food with the community during birthday celebrations. It has since evolved into a tradition of giving back and has expanded its reach through partnerships with disability organizations. The organization aims to support children with chronic disabilities and enhance their quality of life. The focus has shifted towards education and early childhood development, and there is a commitment to creating a meaningful impact with the support of the community. The organization seeks to provide vital information on health and nutrition, emphasizing the importance of nurturing care from the earliest stages. Empowering parents and providing support for children at risk of developmental delays is also a priority. The goal is to build a resilient community by addressing disparities and improving overall health outcomes through access to reliable data and information on healthcare and nutrition. The organization believes that empowering families through education and strengthening community bonds will create a brighter and healthier future for the youth and the entire community.