Isang Bata, Isang Tasa

Raising healthy and intelligent
pre-schoolers one cup at a time

Raising healthy and intelligent pre-schoolers one cup at a time

What started as a yearly birthday celebration for my family and me in 2008 is now a local organization catering to the needs of children under the age of five. In 2018, we applied to SEC to legalize the organization and start delivering services.  

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Together with my friends and family, we have set it up and continued to work on how we can reach children and reach the organization vision of:  .

“Raising healthy and intelligent pre-schoolers one cup at a time.”

In IBIT, we believe in good nurturing care for all children, especially those born with specific needs. 

We use the principles of the UNICEF Nurturing Care program that involve the family in ensuring children are given their needs to enjoy a good and healthy lifestyle while growing up—preparing them to go to school with suitable physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

We cannot do it alone, though, and we will need your support to be with us while looking after the welfare of the parents and children enrolled in our program. 

IBIT have several activities you can support, and you can always go back to this site to see what we have been doing to make sure we reach our goals every year. Slowly we will partner with like minded organization, and services that can extend the support IBIT offers.

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For parents, if you are from region 4-A and wish to enroll your child and benefit from our program, fill-up the form and wait to be contacted for a brief interview.

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